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Surgical Gastroenterology in Vijayawada

The General Surgery and Surgical Gastro team at Union Hospitals is made up of highly trained Surgical Gastro Surgeons in Vijayawada who are specialists in treating medical conditions affecting the entire body, including the abdomen, vascular system and chronic wounds.
They rely on their expertise in minimally invasive options using laparoscopic techniques for gall bladder disease, common bile duct stones, hernia repairs and appendectomies.

As with all other departments here at Union Hospitals a patient can rely on receiving the most comprehensive treatment plans for all surgical needs. The team collaborates with multiple specialties, including Gastroenterology, Neurosurgery, Vascular, Nutrition  and Internal Medicine to create personalized treatment plans that deliver best results.

The surgical team has access to the latest technology bringing about more treatment options, better care and best results for each patient.


Appendix Surgery.



Surgeries related to Gallbladder.




Bariatric Operations.

24/7 services are available for every patient.

Team Membars

Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Jayakrishna Kadiyala

MS ORTHO: FIJR Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy surgeon


Dr. A Mohan

MS., M.Ch(Plastic Surgery) Plastic Surgery


Dr. Bhargav Bhimavarapu

MD., DM(Nephrology) Consultant Nephrologist


Dr. Bhargav

MS(ENT) Consultant ENT Surgeon

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