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Neuro Surgeon in Vijayawada

At Union Hospitals advanced Neurosurgical care is available by top class Neuro Surgeons in Vijayawada to treat medical conditions related to the brain, spine and peripheral nervous system.

Progressive pain, numbness or weakness that affects the head, spine or peripheral nervous system  are symptoms that signal issues with the nervous system. When surgery is the right procedure for treatment, the expert neurosurgeons are in house for treating the underlying neurological condition. Neurosurgical care at Union Hospitals is personalized for an individual’s health needs- whether its an emergency or a scheduled surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery is performed when required to tre

  • Brain aneurysms and Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)
    Brain tumors
    Cervical (neck) pain
    Herniated discs and bone spurs
    Nerve and muscle conditions
    Sciatica nerve pain
    Scoliosis, an abnormal curve of the spine
    Spinal cord injury
    Traumatic brain injury
    Trigeminal neuralgia
    After surgery our surgeons provide follow-up care, coordinate with the rehabilitation care team to deliver the best therapies to support the recovery process.

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Dr. Jayakrishna Kadiyala
MS ORTHO: FIJR Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy surgeon
Dr. A Mohan
MS., M.Ch(Plastic Surgery) Plastic Surgery
Dr. Bhargav Bhimavarapu
MD., DM(Nephrology) Consultant Nephrologist
Dr. Bhargav
MS(ENT) Consultant ENT Surgeon